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Sponsored Underwriting Mentions

KFSR can share your message:

KFSR Radio is a non-profit, listener-supported public radio station. KFSR offers underwriting mentions, a system that allows sponsors to receive on-air recognition for donations made to the station, in pre-recorded messages of up to thirty seconds in length.

Underwriting mentions typically announce the name of a business, provide some brief background info about the services offered, and close with vital information such as the location, hours, phone number and website. Underwriting messages can be scheduled to run throughout KFSR’s diverse mix of programming or can be targeted, allowing our sponsors to support a specific program, thus reaching a distinct demographic group of listeners and potential customers.

KFSR also offers a wide variety of underwriting packages, designed to suit your needs. For more information call 559-278-9070 today or visit!

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